The Speak Project

My lastest album “Willingly,” that I released this year (2018), lead me down a different path as an artist.

I want to make people realize that it’s ok not to be perfect.
One of my songs “Human,” I wrote because it is so important for us to acknowledge that we all have flaws. That after all, we are just humans. 
As a teenager, I struggled with the complexities of adolescence as many of us do, and to this day I suffer from anxiety, which is actually what made me start writing songs in the first place!
I’ve seen so many people from my generation suffer from loneliness and anxiety. Now I just want to be as unapologetic as possible about who I truly am.

The day my best friend came with the best gift ever : "The Speak Project". 
"Speak" is a song I wrote from my latest album, and is my way of telling the world to open our eyes and stop this individualism that has brought so much sadness and frustration to our world today. My best friend, Fanette Rotatinti, singer-songwriter and filmmaker, is about to launch a youtube channel that will highlight people with inspirational and unapologetic stories. As she knows me so well, and being the witness of what I went through recording my last album “Willingly,” she came to me one day, saying she had an idea of a project for me called "The Speak Project!” Inspired by my song "Speak” which would be linked to her own project as well. It was exactly what I've been excited and willing to do, and I am very happy that she was able to see so clearly what I needed to achieve at this point in time. 

What is the Speak Project? 
It's pretty simple. I am going to give the opportunity to everyone to speak out!
First off, we are going to make a series of professional videos, that will take place on my YouTube Channel. 
I'm going to invite artists to collaborate with me through a cover, or an original song of mine or their’s. For example, a song that truly means something to the artist. Of course we will perform the song, but we'll also have a chat about the story of the artist and what has lead he or she to choose this song. 
The point here : Encourage everyone to be unapologetic. 
We truly believe, that by being unapologetic, and by inviting other artists to do the same through one song, we'll be able to make the world feel a ltitle better. 
The more we'll be seeing unapologetic human beings online, the more we'll be at peace with the fact that we aren't perfect.. don’t you think? 

Of course, my video content is gonna start with those collaborations but we'll constantly be working on creating new video ideas. I'd love to find ways to get my audience to speak out through my channel as well. I have a lot of ideas in mind! But I think it is better to do it step by step. Plus, I'd like to have your thoughts on my next ideas before deciding to launch them! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I cannot wait to start on the project which will be starting in January 2019, once I’m done with the tour I’m doing at the end of 2018! 😊 
I can’t wait to take you all on this journey with me! 

Let’s be all unapologetic, and show the world that the internet, and music, can do good things! 

Peace and Love,
Sara Wilkinson