Sara Wilkinson


" Cause you are just like me."

Origin: Toronto, Canada

Genre: Indie Pop / Folk / Soul  

Years Active: 2008 - Present


I am a singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. Music has always been a part of my life. My voice has always been my outlet, and songwriting : my diary.

I recorded my first album “Honest Release” at the age of 19, and two years later recorded “Mr. Brown” in Moncton NB, following a traumatic breakup. After that release, I moved back home where I released an EP entitled “YOU”, filled with a plethora of my thoughts and feelings.

Six years later, I was ready to show the world something new. After years of being labelled a “folk” artist, I put down the guitar and focused on telling the story through my main instrument.. my voice. This is how my latest album “Willingly” was born. With the aid of some incredible musicians, I go from Pop, to Soul, to Reggae, to Funk to blues to Jazz.

This album deals with learning to let go. What it’s like for us as humans to put everything we have on the line and not knowing what we might get in return.

My Story.

It’s important for me to speak out, to take a stand through my songs.

As a teenager I struggled with the complexities of adolescence as many of us do. As a result, I began writing songs. To this day, I suffer from anxiety. Through my music, I feel that it is important to help people realize that it’s ok not to be perfect. My goal was to make us acknowledge that we all have flaws. My song “Human” demonstrates just this. After all, we are all just human.

This message is also conveyed through my song “Speak.” In it I explore how normal it is nowadays for us as humans to ignore people that we cross paths with on the street, subway, or pretty much anywhere. How sad is it these days that we just can’t communicate with one another? “Speak” is my way of telling us to open our eyes and stop this individualism that has brought so much sadness and frustration to our world. Humans are social beings, so why aren’t we talking to each other?

These two songs lead me down a different path as an artist. I have seen so many people from my generation suffer from loneliness and anxiety. Now, I want to be as unapologetic as possible about who I truly am, and want to encourage everyone around me to do the same. If we can do this, perhaps we may all find peace within.
[ Check out my music videos for "Human" and "Speak" below ]

I am now working on new material, including several video projects to achieve this goal.


So, keep your eyes and ears open. because my journey has only just begun.


Speak - Music Video (From latest 

Human - Acoustic Session (From 3rd album "You"")


 « I really just don’t understand, why we must pretend
that others don’t exist »

« I sometimes can be wrong, or sometimes can be fake, and I will do my best, and you all can relate, ‘cause you are just like me. »

Lee's Palace, Toronto. (with full band)


Duffy's Tavern, Toronto. (solo)


Upcoming Shows.


I wanna say, get up and speak, take hold of the day,
If you got something to say, why don’t you get up and say it
instead of keeping it locked up and hidden away… Say anything.
                                                                 Speak, Sara Wilkinson